South Carolina farmers need our support.

Family farmers in South Carolina produce many of the things that we use in our everyday lives. They produce fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables and meat to eat. They also produce material used in the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive and the homes we live in.

Without their hard work and dedication – the world we enjoy would be vastly different.

Farmers feed us, protect the environment and play a critical role in sustaining our economy. They do that for their families and ours. Farmers contend with Mother Nature, drought, pests and even fluctuation in demand. Now they must deal with political attacks that could stop them from watering the crops in a time of need.

Lawmakers are being asked to choose politics over science in determining how crops are irrigated on family farms in South Carolina. In times of bad weather, drought and other farming crisis – South Carolina farmers need our support, not lawsuits and political games.

The cost of politics could cost farmers their crops!

Please join us now and tell your legislators to oppose rushing through new laws and to support South Carolina family farmers.